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Health insurance options in early retirement?

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  • Health insurance options in early retirement?

    Asking for my mother, who has worked in the lab of a community hospital for 40 years and is about to turn 60. She is (understandably) burned out, would like to retire, has healthy retirement savings plus a government pension that will actually pay more than she is current earning (and is in a state with fully-funded, stable pension system), but is very concerned about health insurance for the next 5 years until she's Medicare age.

    She's worried the ACA is unstable, and minor health concerns might make her difficult to insure on the private market.

    So for those of you who have retired early: what do you do for health insurance, and (more importantly) how have you weighed the risks of various options being available (what if the ACA is repealed, what if you develop an expensive-to-treat condition, etc)?