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Group Life and LTD for medical students?

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  • Group Life and LTD for medical students?

    Recent events and discussions in other areas got me thinking: are there any medical schools who offer group long-term disability and life insurance for their students as part of their semester's tuition and fees payments?  This sort of thing probably isn't on the mind of a medical student who just wants to do well in class, score well on USMLE, and get into residency, but it can be devastating should the very unlikely event occur, esp if a student has family and children counting on that future income.  I know student loans are discharged on death or total permanent disability.

    Group LTD and life policies often cost on the order of single digits per month.  I could imagine this being cost-effective for the underwriting company, but I'm no expert.

    Do you know of any schools that offer these group policies?  Do you think they should?  I do, imo.