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    Hi all, first post so be gentle!

    My husband and I went through the MassMutual Life Insurance application process in November via an agent I met at a dental society event. We both got Ultra Preferred ratings (woohoo!) but when I compared the quote we were given to the quotes that are floated around WCI, I thought it would be good to search terms4sale and compare.

    Through the search and corresponding with a few other agents, I found another MassMutual term life policy that is direct-to-consumer, meaning I just contact MM and get the plans set up directly. It's only about $60 less per year, and my original agent didn't recommend it, citing the lack of option to convert to whole life and inability to take advantage of a discount I get with MM for having my disability insurance with them as well.

    Anyone have experience with direct-to-consumer term policies? It seems like in every other way it's identical to the policy I would buy with the agent.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You are probably fine.  You aren't going to want to convert it to whole life so that's a non-issue, and who cares if you aren't getting a discount if it is already $60 cheaper.  You agent probably just isn't happy you didn't give them a commission to buy it.  There are riders and options you can add to policies, but you probably don't need them.  For most physicians I recommend a 10 year term (or until you are going to be Financial Independent) with as few bells and whistles as possible.