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  • Fedadvantage Disability insurance wording


    I wanted to see what this particular definition of any occupation's practical implications would be. The carrier is the Standard. This is a DI policy available on GSI basis to federal employees (VA doc). It has a 3 year own occupation definition then switches to a special form of any occ that I haven't seen elsewhere with the main difference being the 60% of earnings:


    Any Occupation Definition Of Disability:
    During the Any Occupation Period you are required to be Disabled from all occupations .
    You are Disabled from all occupations if, as a result of Physical Disease, Injury, Pregnancy or
    Mental Disorder, you are unable to perform with reasonable continuity the Material Duties of Any

    Any Occupation means any occupation or employment which you are able to perform, whether due to education, training, or experience which is available at one or more locations in the national economy and which you can be expected to earn at least 60% of your Indexed Predisability earnings within twelve months following your return to work, regardless of whether you are working that or any other occupation. 

    Material Duties means the essential tasks, functions, operations, and the skills, abilities, knowledge, training, and experience, generally required by employers from those engaged in a particular occupation that cannot be reasonably modified or omitted. In no event will we consider working an average of more than 40 hours per week to be a material duty.


    Obviously a true own occupation definition is better, but say someone can't get GSI coverage anywhere else, what does this 60% practically mean? To me It at least excludes the whole  "you could still work as a Walmart Greeter" thing since it would have to earn you at least 60% which for me would be around 240k. Also for a radiologist, it takes a lot to disable us, so anything that would actually disable us would probably prevent us from doing any other job (e.g there are very few jobs that you can be blind and earn 240k)

    I was also wondering what exactly this means: If your Own Occupation
    involves the rendering of professional services and you are required to have a professional or occupational license in order to work, your own Occupation is as broad as the scope of your license.