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  • Disability quote reasonable?

    I recently received quotes from two WCI advertising disability agents and began working with the agent I felt more comfortable with. He originally quoted me 4 different policies and after discussing we moved ahead and applied for both Guardian (Berkshire) and Principle.

    I went through underwriting (all blood work came back normal, generally healthy, only medical issue is Celiac) and now have two offers. Both policies are for $6500/mo, 90 day elimination to age 65, future increase of 5k/mo, residual disability coverage, 3% COLA. Guardian is 4650/yr Principle was 3350/yr. Principle only has 2 year mental coverage and basic residual disability coverage vs Guardian unlimited mental coverage and enhanced residual disability coverage. One of my parents has a history of depression and has been on antidepressants, though I haven't really discussed it much with them. I have heard that Guardian has the best policies and am willing to pay more for better coverage, though obviously hope to never use it, so am leaning this direction. Does this Guardian quote seem reasonable?

    As background I am a 36 year old male dentist work as a W2 associate at two different PPO practices. My wife (teacher) and I have a 2 year old son and live in a moderate cost of living area and generally live below our means.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    My advice is to buy one of those policies and quit worrying about it. Seriously. You've probably already spent twice as much time on this as you needed to. Personally, I'd buy the Principal policy for $1000 a year less, but if you're really worried about the mental/nervous issue, then pony up and get the Guardian one. It's really that simple.

    Would you mind telling forum readers whether there was any benefit to contacting two of the agents on the list? I suspect they both basically told you the same thing and offered you the same prices for the policies, no?
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