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Thoughts/experience with OnCall Advisors?

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  • Thoughts/experience with OnCall Advisors?

    I am in my third and final year of residency and I recently applied for disability insurance through OnCall Advisors. I chose a Guardian own-occupation plan and am in the process of doing the required medial stuff.


    Anyone had experience with OnCall Advisors? Would I get the same/similar quotes from Guardian/Principal/etc regardless of what insurance agent I go through (based on where I am in residency and my current health status)?


    I am confident my plan is solid, but I know the real value, as far as individual disability insurance is concerned, is the lifetime guidance and counsel one receives throughout their working years and at claim time.




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    Keep in mind that if you are applying under Guardian's "Beginning Professional" Limits available to Residents/Fellows/New In Practice Physicians, you do not need to do an exam, blood test or urine test.

    However, if you do, you may qualify for an additional 5% savings in the event you meet their "preferred" underwriting criteria. If you know that you won't, there is no advantage in doing the labs.

    As an agent, I have not had any personal experience with OnCall Adviosrs but can tell you that short of one agent knowing about a discount compared to another, if the parameters of the plan you are purchasing are the same, the premium rates will be identical as they are regulated by each state.


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      Great! Thank you. I will look in to the exam requirement.