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Average spent a month on insurance.

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  • Average spent a month on insurance.

    Excluding malpractice, just curious what you guys are paying.... I'm still a resident and single so I'm paying 90/ month on disability and 90/month on car insurance.   Will be increasing disability and adding term life insurance and umbrella insurance soon.

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    In addition to life/disability insurance, if you could include health care premiums (and size of family), that would be super helpful. Thanks in advance


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      I spend what feels like a ton to me on insurance. $1000 on medical and dental, $100 on life, $300 on disability, another $100 on property, $1300 on malpractice, and a few bucks on an umbrella policy. All in probably close to $3K a month. $180 a month is like a dream.
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        850 malpractice
        900 health
        850 property
        100 life
        350 disability
        Car 100


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          Per month:

          600 malpractice

          1300 health and dental- family of 5

          100 property (850 per month must be a nice house!)

          140 life (4 mil term policy)

          600 disability (16.5k per month policy)

          150 auto (2 cars)

          8 umbrella



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            Ugg 750 for disability...


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              His current status is intern, and it's just the two of us.

              105 on his DI for max benefit available in residency (5k).

              20 on his short term DI for 80% of current pay, offered through his program.

              40 on life, 20 year term at 1 mil.

              95.35 for his car insurance, 48 for mine.

              20 for renters.

              3-400 for health/dental/vision.


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                Holy crap. Are y'all serious? We pay $120/month for excellent health/dental. $80/month on home insurance. $16/month for umbrella. $72/month for auto insurance on our one car. $180/month for disability. $25/month on life insurance. Employer covers malpractice. So about $500/month total.


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                  120 a month for "excellent" medical? Is someone subsidizing that?
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                    My #'s are not very different from wideopenspaces. We have a high deductible HSA but medical/dental is about $80/month, car insurance is $70 for 2 cars, $70 for home, $21 for life, $175 for disability, and malpractice covered by company.


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                      Sorry not 850 on property
                      It's actually 350
                      My bad


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                        -Health insurance 18 dollars monthly (HDHP) for two (insanely subsidized by hospital)

                        -Dental 20 dollars monthly

                        -car insurance (two) 100 dollars

                        -disability insurance (5000 monthly benefit) 125 dollars

                        -My life insurance (1.4 mill) 67 dollars

                        -wife life insurance (500,000) 22 dollars

                        -umbrella (1 mill) 10 dollars

                        -renter's 12 dollars

                        Grand Total: 374 dollars monthly



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                          Health 550 (HDHP, family of 3) - BC/BS

                          Dental 70 - BC/BS

                          Home 90 - geico

                          Car 38 (1 car) - geico

                          DI 270 (9k) - guardian

                          Life 170 (3 mil term) - prudential



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                            I work for an academic medical center. We aren't paid well, but our benefits are awesome. We have access to all the specialists at our hospital for a very low cost. We also get the 14% put into retirement. Can't complain about that. It's also not just for docs, my husband works as a software engineer for the same employer and he gets the same benefits.


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                              employer pays health care for entire family (no deductible/copays), ~50/month for group disability (I know!), 80/month home insurance, 250/month earthquake, 50/month car, ~800k life from employer haven't bought my own yet. Not as bad as many here even with the quake insurance!