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  • Disability insurance questions

    I just read a recent story on SDN about a surgeon with Ankylosing sponydlitis who had L-Spine x-rays obtained 1 year prior to obtaining their DI policy (12 years ago) 2/2 to sciatica, leading to a rider being placed on his insurance plan.  This rider excluded "disorders and diseases of the bones, muscles, ligaments, and discs of the lumbar spine". per his post, he was dx with AS a few years prior and is now having issues performing his job and may have to utilize his DI, but may not be covered because of this exclusion.

    This is concerning, as I have started the process of applying for disability insurance and am worried about being limited by potential "exclusions". I have a few minor health conditions (nothing serious), am very physically fit and otherwise healthy. However, about 1.5 years prior I had a large medical work-up (MRI, CT, serum studies, etc), which thankfully turned out to be nothing serious. Although I am healthy, risk averse, I am concerned that I may have exclusions on my DI plan as the above individual had an exclusion for just having X-rays w/o pathology.

    With that being said, would one consider just applying for GSI for disability insurance? I have applied for own-occupation, but am trying to be proactive if an exclusion is placed on the plan and not worth obtaining. it is really unusual how DI works, as in the above example a person had an exclusion placed w/o a pathology, then developed a pathology and now may not have coverage. I appreciate any input, advice!




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    A couple of things to note.  If you apply and receive a modification to your disability policy then you will know about it so before you get to concerned why don't you wait until you know what your underwriting results are going to be.  The 2nd thing is that if you do receive a rider or exclusion then you can always put that policy in effect then shop to improve your situation.  If you can improve the policy then great but if you can't then at least you have that contract in place.  Finally, every year you can return to the carrier to see if they will modify, reduce, or generally improve the policy.  About 75% of all policies we place with modifications or rate ups on them have those removed within 24 months due to this process.

    Heck I was personally disabled and on claim from 1990 to 1993, got into the insurance business, bought a disability policy with all kinds of rate up and exclusions on them but over 3 years of showing I was back 100% from my injuries the carrier removed all of the exclusions.

    Let me know if I can help further.
    Scott Nelson-Archer, CLU, ChFC
    281-770-8080 Direct / [email protected]


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      Thanks Scott,

      I appreciate the advice. I will wait and see what comes from the process. I will update this post this week.

      Many thanks,