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    I'm an ENT resident looking into obtaining a disability insurance policy. Most agents I've talked to really push the Guardian policies. In my research it seems like Metlife has a more favorable occupation class for ENT's compared to most of the other major companies and hence better rates. Has anyone had bad experiences with Metlife that would make their income guard policy less favorable compared to a company like Guardian?

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    MetLife's Income Guard policy is very similar to Guardian's policy. There may be a 10% Student and Resident discount available to you with Guardian. MetLife makes available a 10% discount via the AMA insurance Agency, Inc.

    Another reason that Guardian's policy is more expensive compared to MetLife's is that when the Preferred Occupation Discount (POD) was introduced (which provides an additional 10% savings), Otolaryngologists did not qualify for it.

    Finally, you might consider combining carriers as you are in a high income earning specialty. This would allow you to reach a higher total amount of coverage than any one would allow on their own.

    Of course, your gender and state of residence will also dictate which policy or policies may work best in your situation. If you happen to be in a state like California or Florida, Guardian's policies are more expensive compared to other states.
    Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF


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      Most disability agents do push Guardian policies as a general rule. A good independent agent will get you quotes on both of those, lay the policies in front of you and point out the differences, and then let you make the choice.
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