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Northwestern Disability Terms "Gainfully Employed in any Occupation"

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  • Northwestern Disability Terms "Gainfully Employed in any Occupation"

    I have a Northwestern DI policy with Lifetime Benefits. I have been receiving benefits under my Own Occupation Rider and am aware that the terms of my policy will change after age 65.  It is written in my contract that after age 65, I will be able to collect benefits as long as I am totally disabled when I am unable to perform the principal duties of my occupation and is not gainfully employed in any occupation. Could someone clarify exactly what  "gainfully employed in any occupation" means for these terms are not defined in the contract. For example, would I be jeopardizing receipt of lifetime benefits (under the terms of the contract) if I were to earn any amount of money, even if it were for one day (e.g., making money from a garage sale, or getting paid to video tape an event)?

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    Yup. Hence why NW DI is inferior, IMO.


    My policy - I could make 1 mill a year from my blog and still get paid benefits if I am disabled.


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      WCICON24 EarlyBird
      It sounds like you have an old pre-1997 vintage policy that has a true own occ definition regardless of other income to age 65 and then they will pay you full benefits if you can't do the duties of your specialty and are not working.  The vast majority of the old 'lifetime' benefits are designed this way.  To materially affect the payment to you there is probably a 20% threshold of pre-disability income you would have to make prior to affecting the benefit payment.

      If you want to image the policy up and send to me I will take a look at it, my email is below.
      Scott Nelson-Archer, CLU, ChFC
      281-770-8080 Direct / [email protected]