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    Has anyone had their employer-provided disability insurance policy reviewed?  What was your experience?  I heard an advertisement on the podcast for disability review, but am not sure what to expect?  I have read both policies provided by my husband's employer (one group policy and one individual policy), but the language is very confusing.  Mainly, I would like a review of the "own occupation" parts to make sure that he is covered as is recommended per WCI so we can know what to expect in case of a total disability of residual disability situation.

    I am hesitant because I do not want to enter a situation in which the reviewer just tries to pressure and sell us more insurance that we do not need.


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    A disability review is very beneficial if you have the right agent doing the review. While I can't give you any guarantees, the advertisers on this site tend to do a thorough job without the high pressure tactics of others. You may not realize it, but to advertise on WCI, they have to be vetted by Dr. Dahle himself and he is always open to feedback from the participants and readers on this site. That is a tremendous motivation to do the right thing, although I believe if they don't already have that ethic they will last very long here.
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      I agree, who is doing the review is going to be a major player. It's nice that not just anyone here can advertise.

      I'm not a lawyer and have no experience in legalese but when contracts and policies start having incredibly confusing language, it makes me start to think it's intentional to hide things. I realize this isn't always the case but that's just the skeptic in me coming out.


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        Yes, the ultimate vetting comes from the dozens/hundreds of WCI readers that use the services of the advertisers, but I do some preliminary vetting before bringing them on. I've also deliberately limited the # of insurance agents advertising here. While that might not be fair to those who aren't currently advertising here, it does ensure that those who do are working with a lot of people just like you and are thus very much experts in your situation.
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