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  • Ohio National\'s Pure Own Occ Rider

    I am the DI product officer that developed the new ContinuON II contract for the Ohio National.  I have close to 40 years of experience in the Disability Industry. Not only does the Ohio National contract provide Pure Own Occupational protection with professionally-recognized specialty language which includes medicine, dentistry and law, but Ohio National is one of the few companies that provides a definition for what we consider Material and Substantial Duties: " The duties that: (1) you are normally required to perform in Your Regular Occupation; and (2) cannot be reasonably omitted or changed.

    Also this contract is available in all states except California and New York.  The only other state is Virginia; however we are just waiting for Virginia to approve our filing before we begin marketing it.  The ContinuON I contract being marketing in Virginia has the same Pure Own Occupational protection, however it is limited to our top two occupational classifications.  There are a few MD's that can only get Modify Own Occupation in Virginia.  This limitation will be removed once Virginia approves ContinuON II.

    Ohio National is also one of the few companies that is marketing a Non-Can contract that remains Non-Can all the way the our clients 70th birthday if they purchase the to Age 70 benefit period.


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    Thanks a lot for the insider information and we always love selling Ohio National's products! I'm also looking forward to when the ContinuON II is approved in both CA in NY, as it's a great product that is very competitively priced.
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      Happy to see you guys going nationwide. More choice is a good thing for docs looking for disability insurance. You're making a pretty good bid to take the "Big 5" back to a "Big 6" again.
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