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How to maximize employer paid health care insurance - HDHP + HSA?

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  • How to maximize employer paid health care insurance - HDHP + HSA?

    Graduating trainee here, weighing in my options for my upcoming first attending job.
    My husband, myself and 2 kids are currently under his employer HDHP. He has a small HSA account that his employer partially funds. We otherwise pay the premiums for the insurance (~3,300 for our family).
    Can I sign up for my new employer’s HDHP as a second insurance (employer pays the premium) and get to use the HSA that comes with it? Employer puts ~3000/year into the HSA. My understanding is that in order to contribute to an HSA, the HDPD has to be the only insurance but can my employer contribute?

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    It is not that you can only have one insurance. It is that you can not have "other" insurance that pays first dollar coverage.

    It would not make sense to keep two HDHP insurance plans if you have to pay the premiums on your husband's plan. It would make far more sense to enroll in a family HDHP at your new employer with no premiums

    An employer can certainly contribute to your HSA, but it is included in the family contribution limit, which you should maximize.


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      There are also rules with two insurances , to which is primary and which is secondary. Basically you cant pick and chose which one you want to use at the time. You would be under your plan and you husband would be covered under his plan. In the past the kids would be covered under whoevers birthdate was first in the year , either yours or your husbands. Some plans wont let you continue with their coverage if you are eligible under another plan, I think that is a stipulation under O care.. You may be able to use the HSA for yourself but not be covered under your husbands plan.


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        I don't think you'll find much benefit in being in his plan also, unless deductible levels were wildly different. Consider dropping from his plan completely so he would only be paying the EE+Children premiums.

        It's true that some plans won't allow working spouses to be on the plan (ie bar you from being on your husband's plan). That is solely on the discretion of your husband's employer. Some plans may add a surcharge for including a working spouse with access to another plan.

        As for the HSA, that is a relationship between you and the IRS. They put a limit on total contributions (EE+ER) in any given year. The IRS doesn't care where it comes from as long as it stays within the allowable limits of your coverage option, which is Family in your case.