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Disability Insurance- Who stacks and who should stack?

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  • Disability Insurance- Who stacks and who should stack?

    I'd like to get everyone's opinion on this. I'm currently a resident (read young and healthy) and have a policy with principal for a 2.5k/month payout but will be going into a high paying specialty. Principal has a 17K/month limit. I'm thinking about stacking policies now to get a 6k/month payout now but would be able to increase the benefits to get closer to 30k/month as an attending.

    My question is who's done this and who should do it?

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    you might not be able to get 6k of coverage now as it is based on your income...but I agree with getting 2 policies


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      While human capital is your most valuable asset, IMO no need to insure 100% or up to $360,000/yr tax free benefit. A good own-occ policy with residual up to 15k-20k/month should be more than adequate.


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        I have a $4000 policy I bought as a resident

        And now my employer offers $10,000 additional

        Both policies are low quality UNUM but I decided in my specialty, if I were disabled from practicing I'd be disabled from any gainful employment. And I decided I would take my chances with the mental health exclusion. Therefore I only pay $100 per month for my insurance.