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Leveraged Tax-free life income program (LTLIC)

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  • Leveraged Tax-free life income program (LTLIC)

    I was recently presented with a new insurance product name as above: a leverage tax-free life income program. Here is a short summary: https://doctorseconomicresearchassoc...nning-program/

    Has anyone seen this type of product before? Im trying to see where the policy screws doctors over, any thoughts?

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    Idk anything about said product, but website looks awful, and the pitch is a bunch of acronym laden "programs" that sound like theyre from a boiler room d list movie.

    Spoiler alert, they will have zero access to anything you dont have access to, it looks like a difference way to sell the idea of personal finance, which you can get for free everywhere.

    Hard Pass.


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      I briefly tried to look through all their links to see what they actually do and none of them seem to tell you anything. Also, looked like a geocities website from the 90s.

      Double hard pass!


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        The website has a copyright from "ASK Consulting LLC", which, according to their LinkedIn page, "provides consulting in the commercial hemp space for cultivation, extractions and retail." They also claim to be "paving the future one plant at a time".

        Or if it's not that ASK Consulting LLC, it might be this one, which is "Dedicated to Your Professional Success in Indonesia".

        That's gonna be a hard no from me.


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          Fortunately, the names of these products tell you everything you need to know and can save you the time you would have spent researching them.