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Now I have a ARNP and I want to get malpractice insurance

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  • Now I have a ARNP and I want to get malpractice insurance

    I have been in private practice Internal Medicine 15 years self employed in South Florida. I stopped inpatient medicine about 5 years ago and I don't do any invasive procedures. I have never had malpractice insurance and never had a claim. I hired an ARNP (who happens to be an MD from her native country in South America) at the beginning of 2020 and it is going great (financially and also helping with scheduling). However, I realize this increases my risk of malpractice lawsuit. I am shopping around for malpractice insurance but there is nothing recent on WCI website (in 2016 this was posted).

    Any suggestions about getting malpractice insurance for me and my ARNP? Thanks.

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    Mid-levels are usually much lower cost to insure than the physician.

    I have found service and rates to be better actually going thru an insurance broker. Rates in Florida are not bad for primary care and have come down a bit in recent years. With no prior malpractice history, I suspect in Florida you will be charged in the $6-10K range/year for standard claims made coverage, including your APRN, and that will likely include hospital coverage if you should change your mind. Of course you have to decide on claims made (most physicians) versus occurrence, tail (for claims made policies), policy limits, etc.


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      Thanks for the information!