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VA disability rating and disability insurance

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  • VA disability rating and disability insurance

    <i>I'm looking for an answer to this dilemma. I'm </i>getting out of the military after 13yrs (going to make up loss of pension by doing reserves +\- government or VA job with buy in). I've heard that having any disability rating from the VA can make it hard or impossible to get disability insurance. I have sleep apnea which apparently is a 50% rating. I'm interested to hear any thoughts or experience people have had with this. Thanks!


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    Anything that you are receiving disability insurance benefits for from the military (in terms of medical conditions, if they can be limited to a condition or body part) will be excluded.

    Whatever disability benefits you are receiving from the military (in terms of dollar amount in monthly benefits) will directly offset what you could normally purchase on an individual basis.

    Finally, if a condition cannot be limited, a rating (extra premium), limited benefit period (benefits payable for two years, five years or ten years) and/or other modifications may be required.

    it would be best to provide your agent (or agents that you are contemplating working with) a comple copy of your medical records to include any clinical notes and diagnostic tests that were done for your sleep apnea. This should include the severity, the recommendation (CPAP machine) and how compliant you have been if that is the case.


    Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF