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The end of Unisex Multi Life with Top Disability Insurance is here

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  • The end of Unisex Multi Life with Top Disability Insurance is here

    Official announcement coming but one of the major providers of disability that offers the unisex discount is ending it on February 1.

    Not saying the company name because it isn't official yet.

    Females have saved as much as 46% when you compare the regular Female price with the Unisex Multi Life price.

    Get your applications in.

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    If this becomes official, this is very bad news for female residents/fellows at institutions that do not have "GSI" or "pre-approved" plans (which offer unisex rates). I've been suspecting that this day would come, but not this soon.


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      You bet DK. Announcement coming Friday.

      We shall see. Then we can say the company. Wink...

      Get those apps in across the country!

      45% is big.

      Existing policies should be able to use the discount going forward if they have the FIO equivalent rider.

      Also occupation classes changing with this carrier. Downgrades coming. So double whammy.

      I don't mean to be cryptic just don't want to poke the bear. Will share more when it's official.


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        Just yesterday I was talking to a female resident and explained to her that one of the reasons to get a small policy now even though she is staying for fellowship is to secure the unisex discount. Fortunately she took my advice. Then today one of my industry contacts mentioned that the company would be making a big announcement and hinted that it would be related to the unisex discount. Then I see your post Joe. Listen to Joe. Even if you are a few years away from completing residency, strongly consider securing a small policy with the option to increase it with the unisex discount (called the "Benefit Update Rider").


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          "Listen to Joe."

          If only I heard that more around my house. Ha.

          Good work DK.

          Please please please people: don't let an agent talk you into passing over this deal. So many agents have done this for so long. They want to force their home company products on people for reasons that any logical person would see as phony. You know the carriers.

          Nice work to whitecoat. Finally on the forum and it's awesome. Thanks.


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            I have been told the same thing.  In addition I was told final date for the applications have to be received by March 22, 2017.  Not a big deal for males but it is a Huge deal for Females....unless you live in Ohio or Montana.
            Scott Nelson-Archer, CLU, ChFC
            281-770-8080 Direct / [email protected]


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              Even for Ohio and Montana, the 20% Multi Life discount be gone so pain all around.

              Thanks for sending those details Scott.


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                My point was that a few places we can still get unisex rates for females.  The state of Ohio has a rule that if there is any new product design filed which allow for association discounts offerings then the plans with that association discount must all be unisex rates.  That is why Ameritas has a state wide discount, they are the only carrier to file an updated disability insurance product document post that law change a few years ago.  In Montana it is a state law that all disability insurance is unisex, there are no sex distinct rates there.
                Scott Nelson-Archer, CLU, ChFC
                281-770-8080 Direct / [email protected]


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                  Good stuff Scott.


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                    Good news. The official announcement is changing the unisex disability insurance program but it's not ending it.

                    Students, residents, and fellows will not qualify for unisex rates or the 20% multi life discount. Instead, the discount will be 10% applied to a sex specific rating system.

                    Practicing physicians, dentists, and everybody else will still be eligible for multi life discount and unisex pricing.

                    There are also other changes to occupation classes but the big news is the unisex multi life deal of course.