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Appropriate Disability Insurance Increase?

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  • Appropriate Disability Insurance Increase?

    Graduating EM resident in June.  Wife is starting pediatrics fellowship at that time.  Currently have MetLife Disability.  I am eligible for an increase in benefit to ~15k/month for about $400/month.  Is this too much?  Is 10k/month benefit more reasonable?  I feel like it would be reasonable to live on a tax-free $120k/yr in addition to my wife's salary if I were to become disabled.  Thanks for the input.

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    Buy the amount you need but you might keep options to increase to what you might later want.  What someone else might need in benefit really has no bearing on what you might need.  I personally have clients all over the expense map from one lady that makes about $750k, lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and has a monthly budge of about $3k, her need is low.  I have other dual physician households that make in excess of $1 million between them and they can't even save enough money to max out their 403B and 457 plans, they can't buy enough coverage to keep their head above water if something happened to either of them.  Pick the right amount for you because that is the right amount for you.  Just be sure to price shop your coverage costs on a per $1,000 basis.
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      Do you have a policy for her as well?

      Also think about if you got divorced how much you alone would need