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    Currently in the process of trying to figure out health insurance plans for next year as the prior plan I used this year is no longer being offered. I am an IC and signed up for a plan through the exchanges previously. The issue now is my child is established as a patient at Northwestern with a specialist etc, there are no longer any exchange based plans they is in network for Northwestern (so basically there is no option now through the exchange to keep current specialist etc). So through my company I got an email for a group called Physician Solutions, LP which offers insurance plans for physicians through a PEO (professional employer organization).


    Basically my question is has anyone ever used something like this for their health insurance or know of other options similar or not for obtaining commercial health insurance?


    It seems to work by contributing $XXXX dollars a month to the partnership each month which is a capital investment which is then returned middle of the month (50-75$ or so a month in administrative fees). I am not crazy about this idea or set up but somewhat in need of a reasonable health insurance plan.



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    Did you end up signing up for health insurance through Physician Solutions LP?  If so, have you had to use it at all and would you recommend it?

    I work as an independent contractor.  My healthcare plan is getting dropped this year and there are no HSA compatible plans available in the individual market in my area. There is one company offering individual insurance in my area, and the plans are terrible. I am considering using Physician Solutions, but the "buy in" seems a little sketchy, and they are asking for a lot of sensitive information.

    I don't know anybody who has used this before, so any information would be greatly appreciated.


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      i looked into this.  it looked like good idea.  and insurance was going to be about 1100/month for bronze level plan with ~6K deductible.  this is tremendously better than what i could find through the lone insurer left in my county.  however, they told me that you have to work for a few specific staffing companies to be eligible.  In other words, me being an independent contractor for the hospital was not sufficient for me to join their group.