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Term life insurance for a non-US citizen/permanent resident

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  • Term life insurance for a non-US citizen/permanent resident

    I'm looking into buying a 30 year term life insurance policy, preferably no-exam due to history white coat syndrome. Fully health otherwise, non-smoker, no medications, male. I've been living in the US for over a decade, but my green card application just got submitted now and will take 1-1.5 years to obtain.

    Are there any companies that would consider me for a 30 year term life insurance with no exam if I'm not a US citizen or green card holder, despite being a US resident for tax purposes and with US income?

    Or should I just wait a year and apply once I get my green card? I'm almost 31 and would like to lock in a $500,000-$1 million policy if I can now while I'm relatively healthy.

    I've looked at a few criteria for no-exam term policies and they all state that the applicant must be a US citizen/green card holder, but I'm wondering if that's simply to exclude everyone living abroad who would want to apply for US life insurance?

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    I am a non-citizen, currently applying for a green card.

    I have 2 term policies and a disability policy.  BUT I did get an exam/blood work as part of my application... not sure how different that would make it.

    I have stated openly on the applications that "No" I'm not a permanent resident.  But I do have a US address/social/work visa.  My residency status has not come up as an issue during any of the application/approval process!

    Hope that helps!



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      What's your visa type?  H1B?  And which country are you from?


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        You are just going to pay more by going the non exam route. You either do or do not have high blood pressure.

        If you really want to find a company willing then search one of the insurance agent forums.
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        About 2-3 carriers currently offer non-med options with the same premiums as if you completed a medical exam.


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          H1b visa. I'm from Canada.


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            Great, thanks for mentioning your experience!


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              Please list these examples and clarify if it’s the same price as the cheapest fully underwritten from any company or just same as their other. Also what restrictions are there for these…..
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              With Principal for can qualify for a super preferred rate with (accelerated underwriting) non-med OR with an exam. The key is qualifying. Not everyone will qualify for the non-med underwriting. (There was a question posted on here last week where I addressed the process of applying for the Principal non-med option)

              Whatever the price is for Super preferred, will be the price your pay if you complete the exam OR don't complete the exam,  assuming you qualify for Super Preferred (Same will apply to other rating categories).

              If Principal happens to be the least expensive in that category when compared to other companies, then yes, it could be as cheap as or better than...

              And there are no restrictions on the non med policy when compared to a fully underwritten Principal policy. Every persons situation, age and gender will yield different results.  See quote example below - Principal is not the least expensive for this person, but pretty close.  And if a person qualifies for the non med at the super prefered rating, it's the same price as if they completed an exam.

              Select-A-Term-30 Year
               $1,864.00 A  Preferred Plus
              30-Year April 2016 Rates

              A+ Super Preferred
              OPTerm 30

              A+ Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco
              LifeElement (R) Level Term 30 (2014)

              A+ Preferred Plus Non-tobacco


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                Not everyone as in not many at all……

                You aren’t even guaranteed they won’t request a physical.

                There is a reason they do full underwriting.
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                I disagree with "not many at all".  Correct, you are not guaranteed that they won't request an exam.

                About 50% of my clients who go through the accelerated underwriting process get approved. Some folks would rather not deal with the hassle of an exam, so they try this option first.  If not approved, then they do the exam.

                It's not for everyone.