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    I have been offered a medical director position with the subsidiary of a company that I have had a long, satisfying professional relationship. In fact, I have previously been a medical director with the broader organization via its local affiliate, to which my practice has a joint venture. The subsidiary that has offered the medical director position has a national footprint and has contractually required that I maintain "professional and comprehensive general liability insurance for $1M/$3M", and I am pretty sure that my current policy for professional liability does not cover such an expansive geographic range and scope of liability.

    To the point, does anyone here have any experience with liability insurance for medical directors? Where to acquire it and how much it should cost--which no doubt depends on the size and nature of the directorship?

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    I think discussing directly with your prospective employer what is needed in terms of coverage and your patient care responsibilities is the way to go. If necessary, you can then take this info to your insurance company to determine if your existing policy is adequate.


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      Yes just ask your current insurer.  In my experience it has been covered.