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Applying for SSLTD, currently receiving Guardian "own occ" LTD--

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  • Applying for SSLTD, currently receiving Guardian "own occ" LTD--

    Hi all,

    Quick question__ I am partly disabled from returning to full time clinical pediatrics.  I've been off work for a year, so my short term CA has run out.  Guardian has been topping off my state payment to make it what my benefit should be.  Now that it's been a year, they want me to apply for Social Security LTD.  My policy is a group policy, with a waiver for the physician "own occ", which is different, I'm learning, from individual own occ policies.  So for this past year, I've been doing minimal part time work from home, telelhealthy, peer revue, etc... I've been asked to fill in at a peds office.  But I know I can only work up to 20% of prior earnings then 50% of my earnings will be subtracted from my benefit.

    My question is:  for the SS long term disability, should I do it through Guardian's service (it seems like they would like me to get this, so they pay less!)-- their vendor is Genex; or should I do it myself, or get a lawyer?

    I am sure I'll be denied full time Social Sec disability, which is fine.  But I need to submit the application, and don't want to start going down the wrong path!!

    Anyone with experience with this?  (I have cervical polyradiculopathy, chronic crevicogenic migraines--refractory to surgery, epidurals, meds, tried it all...

    Also, I don't want to be labelled fully disabled (which I'm not!) because I love medicine and I'd love to keep doing part time stuff.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Susiehoffy:

    I recommend using Guardian's service because there will be no question you cooperated in accordance with policy requirements and, given your status of working part-time and earning income, the likelihood you will get approved for Social Security Disability benefits appears to be quite slim.  If you wish to consult with a Social Security Disability attorney about the rules and requirements before proceeding with Guardian's service, I can provide you with a name and number.  Let me know.


    Thanks, Evan


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