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Whole life gives a return of 3 or 4% after

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  • Whole life gives a return of 3 or 4% after

    Whole life gives a return of 3 or 4%(Less than the dividend rate) after paying for the cost of insurance of your death benefit. That means your death benefit is free in WL unlike the Term insurance in which you have pay yourself

    Bet nobody saw it from this point of view. What say?

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    this will be closed the instant it’s no longer civil and to the point.

    OP you’re going to have to make your case with more numbers than that.

    I pay about $3200 per year for $4 million in term insurance. I don’t need that benefit when I’m older than 65 because I plan to have plenty of money by then



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      Buy as much of it as you can

      I’m going to continue what has worked for me and for so many others on this forum

      Term life for insurance (and I’m getting close to the point where I no longer need a policy)

      And I’ll invest the rest and smile knowing I’m not anyone’s sucker


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        Post closed for trolling behavior and poster issued warning.
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