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Existing disability, requesting advice regarding disability insurance!

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  • Existing disability, requesting advice regarding disability insurance!

    I am an intern in Family Medicine, and have an already existing disability that is similar to polio. It limits my mobility and standing time, so I'm on crutches (and do actually quite well). I've been able to withstand rounds in medical school, use a stool in the OR or delivery rooms, and get around just fine.

    I know that disability insurance would mean different things for Family Medicine versus say a surgical speciality. And even if I were to get a post-polio like disease in a few years, I would probably be able to function within my speciality as I would just adapt within my practice.

    Any insight into cost-benefit for an individual like me to purchase disability insurance? Especially because I think it may be more expensive for me to purchase a plan having an underlying disability to start with.

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    You need to look for a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) policy that will cover you as long as you have been working for at least 180 days prior to your purchasing the policy. Otherwise, you are probably uninsurable.

    In which hospital are you doing your training?

    If you email me or message me with the answer, I can let you know if I know of any GSI plans that might be available to you.


    Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF