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Car advice - 3 young kids

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  • Car advice - 3 young kids

    We are 3 payments from being car loan free. we may be car shopping as my suv hybrid (9yr old) has a transmission issue, ugh.

    So we are looking for an inexpensive but safe car. It needs to accomodate 3 boosters across but not 3 full size car seats. I drive about 20 miles per day and carry kids infrequently (2 fit now). But it would be very useful to be able to take all 3 in both cars. My wife hates her Honda Odyssey.

    Thoughts? I was thinking small suv, considered Subaru wagon, considering accord but not sure about the three across.

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    Why does your wife hate the Odyssey?


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      Have you calculated the interior width needed to accommodate 3 boosters?


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        You may want to look at the new Subaru ascent that is coming out...3 rows, plenty of cup holders.



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          don't you think you need 3 rows? those kids are going to grow and 3 across is going to get tighter. Sadly minivans are the best with lots of kids. Beyond that there's tons of 3 row suv/crossover things


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            Check out a Buick Enclave if you guys don’t want the minivan route. That said, minivan is best route


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              I’m in a similar situation except we love our Odyssey.

              I need 4wd in the winter to make it to work sometimes so it’s come down to a Honda Pilot or VW Atlas it seems. Still looking around though. Highlander just seems a little too small. 4 runner may be ok but doesn’t seem as kid friendly.

              I usually buy new or certified user and keep for 6 years or so. Reliability is of utmost importance over all because I’m essentially a solo sub specialist and can’t miss clinic for car issues.


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                She doesn’t like the minivan because of how wide it is and we drive through lots of narrow streets downtown, tough to parallel park/park in parking garages. I drive it occasionally. It sure is practical though. A must for car line this fall with carpool of 4-5.

                For me, comments thus far are right - I really should consider one of the tons of 3 row seating options. I had thought try to avoid that to save money but when you buy a car every 8-12 years, it really is best to think of what we know will be needed.


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                  I don't think that any vehicle with the 3 rows you clearly need will be narrower than the Odyssey.  I also suggest that you check the actual dimensions of the Odyssey vs any other car you might consider.  I don't think any will be significantly narrower.

                  The Odyssey 2018 is 78.5 inches.  The Accord is 73.5 inches.  I doubt that the 5 inches makes all that much difference in parking or driving, but perhaps your wife notices the difference.


                  I’m in a similar situation except we love our Odyssey. I need 4wd in the winter to make it to work sometimes so it’s come down to a Honda Pilot or VW Atlas it seems.
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                  I love my Odyssey, but if you need 4wd, take a look at the Toyota Sienna.


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                    Suburban. Safest car on the road .


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                      MDX. Love driving it and fits kids 3 across. We have 2 dionos and massive Britax and they fit fine. If I need to separate them and don’t need extra cargo in the back, I can stick one kid in the third row. Third row sits two Asian adults fine. I leave 3 car seats in all the time and can stuff scooters and two kids bikes in back when 3rd row not in use. Definitely get the roof rack if you camp / travel a lot. I could never get a van. city streets and parking with large car a pain. MDX drives very nicely, ours is AWD, don’t bother with the tech package.