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Upcoming Podcast Episode with PoF and PIMD

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  • Upcoming Podcast Episode with PoF and PIMD

    I'm recording a special podcast episode with Passive Income MD and Physician on FIRE this week. What questions do you have for us that you'd like to see answered? You can direct them at one of us, all of us etc. Just specify.
    Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011

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    Really the only question that matters: Chicken wings...bone-in or boneless?


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      What was the moment when you realized that your blog/online presence had switched from a hobby to a legitimate source of income?


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        Really the only question that matters: Chicken wings…bone-in or boneless?
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        Breaded or not?


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          Ginger or Mary Ann?


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            How are you each handling your fame


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              Can I take some credit for being the only person so far to ask an actual question?  


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                If you lost your current MD job/contract, would you seek a new one?

                Discuss one financial mentor who has, in person, influenced you the most and how that person has influenced you.

                Would you go into medicine again? Would you pick the same specialty? If you could not become a doc (or dentist), what might you have chosen as a career?

                Next vacation? Dream vacation?


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                  I am still laughing about the Gilligan’s Island reference.

                  Do you feel you are helping your coworkers to better handle their finances.

                  When did you realize you had a better understanding of finances than the average doc.

                  will you keep your blogs going after you retire from medicine

                  when did you realize that more things do not increase happiness

                  what will be your asset allocation after retirement

                  what will you do for health insurance


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                    Top recommended books?

                    To passive md.. im interested in starting a real estate investment club with other physicians. Do you recommend partnerships and how do go about dojng this?

                    I think i know how wci does finances with his wife.. how does passive and pof tackle finances with their wives.


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                      With a saturated physician blog market currently, what would be your side gig/project/hustle if you were starting one today?


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                        For all: with serious money-producing blogs, do you think your advice (ie. retiring early) is still germane to physicians with no outside income source? It sounds great to retire at 45 (ie. PoF) but not all of us have 200k-2mm/year in blog income.


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                          If your three blogs (and connected social media empire) did not exist, what would be your go-to resources for up-to-date, accurate, and easily digested personal finance information?

                          Do you think it is "worth it" to become a doctor in 2020 (or so)?

                          If your child were going into medicine and asked advice what field to choose (and actually listened!), where would you steer him/her?


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                            Why do you think certain specialties (ER, anesthesia) form groups that negotiate contracts with hospitals while other groups (primary care) seem to be more frequently employed by hospitals individually? How do you think this affects reimbursement?

                            Disclaimer: I’m Ophtho so I apologize if the above observation is completely wrong

                            I’d also like more info on the new Medicare E/M code reimbursement proposal


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                              Really the only question that matters: Chicken wings…bone-in or boneless?
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                              Obviously, bone-in.  How about drums vs flats?  I think that one is trickier.