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  • Contract Negotiation Question

    So I received a letter of intent from a hospital the other day.  I feel it is a pretty good offer, it is comparable to what I make now.  They offer a salary, student loan repayment and a signing bonus.  How negotiable are these generally?  Any rules of thumb on what % I can go up with out seeming greedy?  I would be fine staying where I am so I feel I have some leverage.

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    I think you must know the market value for your position, and it would also be good to know how much the hospital really needs you. If you are just another guy in the primary care stable, you probably do not have much leverage. If they are hiring you to start a world class robotic surgery service, you probably have more leverage.

    I would not worry about seeming greedy. In all likelihood, they have positioned themselves to get the better of the deal, and they are not losing any sleep over it!

    Finally, it sounds like you really do not need the job, so make it worth your while to make the move. You only get one shot, and your future compensation will, to some extent, be anchored to your original deal.


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      Many hospitals like to take the position that there is not much negotiating room.  The amount of negotiating room depends upon the hospital's need for you.  If you bring a particular specialty or professional marketplace recognition, you may have more room to negotiate.  If you do not necessarily need the job, you can afford to be a bit more aggressive.  Within reason, there is no need to worry about being greedy.  It is also worth pointing out that short term compensation issues are not the only questions to consider.  The position being offered as a whole is important to analyze.  Length of the employment contract, work responsibilities, work environment, possible future advancement opportunities, just to name a few, are issues to investigate as well.