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Private Practice Partnership and Buy-Ins: Web Resources

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  • Private Practice Partnership and Buy-Ins: Web Resources

    I was once going to submit a post to WCI about my perspectives on practice buy-ins.  However, as I researched, I realized that there were multiple websites that had better insight than I did.  I culled them down to just a few, but only two seem to allow access without registration.

    This article, by Mark Abruzzo, Esq., is by far the best and most extensive: df

    This article, by Jack Valancy, is more rapidly digestible:

    Sadly, I didn't read these prior to my buy-in transaction.  I admit that I didn't even Google Search "Buy-In" until I started free-writing about buy-ins.  Oops!

    I hope someone finds these useful.  Please post other links you might find, so we can grow a database for those on the verge of partnership.

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    Is anyone interested in sharing what they are paying to buy-in to a private group? We can keep it very general, because I'm sure people don't want to discuss details. I'm in a surgical specialty and will be looking at buying-in in another year and a half. It'd be nice to hear the size of a group, the specialty, and the ballpark buy-in.


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      There are many factors to consider in analyzing a buy-in.  Different areas of practice have different economic considerations.  For example, radiology has expensive hard assets that may need to be paid for whereas other areas of practice may not have much in the way of hard assets and only income and reputation.  Also, have you been an employee prior to the buy-in offer?  Have you been credited with any "sweat equity"?  Consulting with an experienced attorney and accountant when negotiating your buy-in can be of significant value in making sure you are paying the correct amount.


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        My uninformed impression was that "goodwill" buy-ins are becoming less common these days.  Obviously a buy-in of practice assets, buildings, equipment etc is another story.  Probably varies by region and market saturation somewhat.