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  • tax loss harvesting

    educate me on how you guys have so much TLH?

    most of my stuff is still way up.  am i missing an opportunity, am i not looking closely enough?



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    I don't have any yet on stocks.  I am starting to have some on Muni bond funds.  I have been thinking as my tax bracket going forward will be essentially capital gains rate I might need to sell some Munis any way but have not done it yet.


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      Recent dividend and the monthly sweeps into the retirement portfolio will be the primary suspects. Monday would have been a good example to use etf over mutual funds if you TLH not sell Monday am and then forget to buy and do that in mon pm!

      Double check any dogs in your 'speculation' part if the portfolio if you have one and reassess that investment.


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        Not me. I have a couple of lots bought in January that are down as much as $2500, but that's not worth the headache of avoiding wash sale rules, etc. I have greater losses in my bond allocation, but most of that is in tax-protected accounts...