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procedurists, surgeons, golfers, musicians---old eyes

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  • procedurists, surgeons, golfers, musicians---old eyes

    any comments on progressive glasses and/or progressive contacts

    i may have to face reality and can no longer use the mind over matter technique.

    any comments on customizing lenses?  too much add?  different areas of progressiveness recommended?  trifocals rather than bifocals?

    please post your experiences.


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    Erstwhile Dance Theatre of Dayton performer cum bellhop. Carried (many) bags for a lovely and gracious 59 yo Cyd Charisse. (RIP) Hosted epic company parties after Friday night rehearsals.


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      Progressive glasses are great. Agree with CM above about lens size. The contacts can move around which makes them frustrating.  Try mono vision with one eye corrected for near and the other for distance if you can tolerate it.


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        I had the same problem as CM with neck pain because of the tilting with the computer.

        I could never find a pair of progressive contacts that were comfortable because of astigmatism.

        I had Lasik on my dominant left eye for distance summer of 2016.  It has turned out really well.  I had them undercorrect it just a little, so reading, computer and conversation distance are all fine.  I use a pair of glasses that sharpen my distance in my left eye, and correct my right, which I wear for driving.

        I was worried I would lose too much depth perception for operating but it hasn't been a problem.  I'm aware of it, but I think years of compensating for lack of depth perception with hand-assisted laparoscopy makes it easier.  A large portion of my OR is endoscopic and my screens fall into my good range.