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  • consulting rate for electronic product

    I searched and couldn't find anything applicable, sorry if it's been asked.

    I have been contacted regarding an opportunity to consult for a electronic communications product.  They'd like me to do ongoing and PRN work on the clientside - answering questions about our workflow, troubleshooting, new product development.

    I am wondering about the rate I should ask for and any additional contractual items I should have in place.

    My rough hourly take-home rate is $250/hour ([Income before taxes]/hours worked last year).

    Should I ask for this much? More?

    They've asked me to travel to onsite for a day of discussions and consulting work.  Obviously they will cover all the costs of the trip and will pay for "my time" - what should that look like if I fly out in the AM and return in the evening?

    How about asking for stock options? Is that a thing??? I have no idea!


    Thanks, all!

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    Some of these opportunities are marketing strategies in disguise.  You understand that they are paying you for your opinion; they understand that you are their target client.  Dig deeper to understand.


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      Good point, thanks jz.  If this is a marketing strategy they're not very good....we are already on board with their product. They are looking to expand and want opinion on how to provide more products to larger audience.  We already buy what they offer


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        WCICON24 EarlyBird
        Nothing less than $500 an hour.