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  • Financial Podcast Recommendations

    Besides the WCI podcast, does anyone have any recommendations for financial podcasts? It doesn't have to be physician-specific, but preferably directed toward higher-earning professionals.



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    Hanson McClain’s Money Matters out of Sacramento is aimed at a general audience, but it’s entertaining, informative, and pretty funny at times.

    Michael Kitces has a podcast that’s worth a listen.  His website is top notch too.

    For dentists, Mark Costes’s podcasts are excellent. They tend to be clinical and business related, but well worth a listen if someone is or wants to be a private practice owner in dentistry.


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      MissBonnieMD and I have episodes on the Hippocratic Hustle Podcast with financial topics. We are recording a super interesting episode on the Tax reform tomorrow, so watch for that coming out this Wednesday.

      Other doctor podcasts that have some finance topics:

      Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast
      Docs Outside the Box



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        Money for the Rest of Us

        Paul Merriman

        Marketplace (NPR)

        Radical Personal Finance


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          ChooseFI (one of them is a pharmacist)


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            On my queue list right now:


            The Dough Roller One Podcast - Very Boglehead in its philosophy


            The Freedom Formula for Physicians - Good for high income professionals


            MadFIentist - for the good interviews


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              I would definitely add these podcasts for docs/dentists- super high yield (still not as good as WCI of course

              Doctor Money Matters

              Financial Residency


              I have also been listening to Paula Pant's "Afford Anything" which is great given she answers questions from guests going over retirement accounts and planning, though not geared towards high income professionals.