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new tax plan, do we think about roth 401k differently?

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    i’m still going back and forth on this.

    i’m expecting to be in highest tax bracket in retirement due to combination of (fortunate) factors.


    my financial guy hates the roth 401 option because the thought of losing 1/3 of investing money off the bat hurts too much, but really at this point the biggest feature i’m considering is lack of rmd and perceived opportunity to take a slightly lower tax bite temporarily.  i guess if i’m in the highest bracket no matter what i do, it doesn’t matter and i can always convert to roth in retirement if estate planning is a focus.

    i think hanging out here is making me crazy.  ?  or at least making my craziness worse.  i’m letting the tax tail wag the investment dog.

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    I perceive myself to be in a similar situation, going back and forth, etc. Since you have all of the available information and knowledge, and it’s still difficult to discern which is better, probably neither is clearly better and either decision acceptable. Or, you could do what I have done and split the contributions between pretax and Roth.
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    i'm getting kerfluffled because i'm dealing with my dad's estate and i'm suddenly immersing myself in elderly finance.  i'm hoping to avoid making it as stressful for my kids, who will be getting a much larger estates, but also have the responsibility of dealing with a much larger sum of money.  my adopted son is very young and i might be in depends by the time he graduates high school.  if i'm still alive. 

    as always, each morsel of advice from you is a little nugget of gold.  i appreciate your taking the time to provide your wisdom.  i do feel better that either alternative is probably okay.

    i don't want to waste energy on this stuff if it's not going to make a significant difference.

    instead i will go try to encourage my young son to stop telling alexa to make farting sounds (christmas present from his uncle).