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    I was following Lithium's thread on variable career longevity and noted the recommendations by StarTrekDoc and Vagabond regarding getting the assistance of a career coach. For those who have done this, how did you go about finding a coach? What are the most important factors to help ensure that you get the most out of the relationship? I am assuming it would be more helpful if the coach is a physician. Does it matter the coach's specialty background and whether he/she is still working as a physician? Any other key characteristics? Do you have any coaches you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You have asked some excellent questions, and I think that you are approaching this correctly. I have employed and continue to employ a career coach, and her assistance has been invaluable to me. She is an early retired MD who specializes in physician career transition.

    In order to get the most out of coaching, you have to be open and honest with yourself and your coach. There are some obstacles that are challenging, in an uncomfortable way, and you need to work through thrdr,

    If you would like more information, feel free to message me directly. I did not do an exhaustive search, so I do not know what else is out there.


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      I've looked into coaches who have worked as physicians.  Several are available here:

      The cost is $1600 for four sessions, though you can do an introductory session for free.

      I'm sure that's worth it if you have a coach who can galvanize you to make helpful changes.  But I also think it would be difficult to find the right fit when choosing one more or less randomly.  I might try one out if I decide that I'm ready to change positions.

      I do wonder to what extent coaching is like psychotherapy, which you can't really do on your own, and to what extent it's like investing, where you can pay someone substantial money to help you out, but you can learn what they have to offer on your own if you invest the time and do enough reading.  At the moment, I'm mainly reading books.  I bought Dike Drummond's (CEO of The Happy MD), which is well-reviewed on Amazon.


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        Wow. $1600 for 4 sessions. I figured a physician career coach would come at a premium cost, but that is much higher than I imagined. Lithium, your question regarding the nature of coaching is a good one. For $400/hour, I would definitely be interested in the possibility of self guided learning. However, I could see a good coach assisting with the motivation/inspiration to make changes that you already know you need to make intellectually. Also, if the coach has experience, the foresight that comes with having guided multiple prior clients may be valuable.

        Vagabond, thanks for your offer. I will send you a message.


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          I would recommend a good psychologist first. Much cheaper and you’d be surprised how helpful it can be. A career coach is going to use the same techniques and methodology as a psychologist. I’ve gone to both and found the psychologist to be better at it.


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            I think they reflect a lot of your questions back at you.  if you are looking to have someone tell you what you should do, probably not what you are going to get.  if you need someone to help you explore your feelings about job and responsibilities and transitions, they can certainly do that.  they can help you consider other parts that you have not thought out.

            we've already had the discussion on value, so I won't comment on that as I believe value is a very personal thing.