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Forum not working well on iPhone X

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  • Forum not working well on iPhone X

    Just switched to the X. Whether using the mobile or desktop site on Chrome (on the X) the posts don’t format correctly. All the text is shoved to one side of the screen.


    When I hold in landscape then it looks normal. Anyone else run into this?
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    It's happening on my iPhone 7 as well.

    Any android users ?

    Yes posts getting shoved to the right


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      Oddly I had an iPhone 8 that worked fine. But switched to X and am having issues
      An alt-brown look at medicine, money, faith, & family


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        How do you like the phone?  Is it worth it?


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          Similar thing on Samsung Galaxy S8


          The left sided photo, and other details like Participant, date joined, physician etc gets pushed to a box on the top left that crosses the middle and I think that is why the actual posts take up only the bottom right half of the screen.


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            How do you like the phone?  Is it worth it?
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            I've only had it 1.5 hours (and used other people's intermittently) so take this w/a grain of salt, but I used the 8 for the last 2 weeks (and the 6 for three years and the 4 and 5 before that):

            --Pictures are better, which was my primary motivation; this is based on seeing photos from many other people the past 2 weeks comparing my 8 to their X.  We use our phones for almost all photos for kids/travel etc and we save all to Google Photos and print some also.  The camera on the 8 is very good, the one on the X is better.

            --The screen is nice, but in basic use not appreciably better than the 8 and not a reason to get the X

            --Lack of home button is a change; some of the swiping gestures are not intuitive.  I'll get used to it, but some will be better and some will be more awkward no matter what when compared to old (Swiping down from tip right for control center is never going to be easy because the phone is tall)

            --Face ID on the X is slower than Touch ID on the 8, but it's worked every time so far.

            --The 8 and the X are both fast.  The have the same processor (different amount of memory I believe) but the 8 did everything as fast as the X so far.

            --Cost is high, but the 64gb X is only ~$100 more than a 256gb 8 (which is what I was using for 2 weeks).  So once spending this much, cost difference sorta becomes meaningless

            That's my 1.5 hour review, but I anticipated all of this so none of it's shocking to me.  I'm a techie and will play around with it a lot more over time if I keep it and can post more thoughts.  My wife saw the photos on someone's X compared to my 8 so wants one now also for the same reason.  It's an expensive camera, but if we keep it for 3 years (as we did the last phones) then the cost isn't a big factor.

            As someone who loves tech, I would not say that getting the X is a no-brainer. It's a great phone, but it's not some panacea.
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              You've got too fancy of a phone.  The forums are geared for those that don't value materialistic things. Might I suggest a Nokia brick phone?*


              *I jest.


              In all seriousness, for as much as most people use their phones, you can easily justify the cost of pretty much any smart phone.


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                Lol — in a different thread I was just talking about how little I spend on clothing because I consider it a waste.

                Phones have become too expensive — the new features add little value. If Apple stopped making phones thinner and doubled battery life that would be amazing. But if they did that the life cycle increased and they lose profits.

                My smart phones last 2-3 years with heavy daily use so the money can be justified (to me) far more than a $1000 suit. But it’s still an extravagance. 90% of what I do could be done on a working older iPhone or Android
                An alt-brown look at medicine, money, faith, & family


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                  Same issue with formatting on my X.

                  I've had mine for a little over two weeks and would mostly agree with Rogue Dad. I like the gestures way better than the home button (but I have had more time to get used to it). I do like the large screen with the smaller profile; compared to my 6s+ and 7+ I find it easier to use with one hand. The screen looks great when you hold it next to an older device but I'm not sure how much it improves the user experience.  I have found face ID to be slightly more reliable than touch ID (mostly because touch would fail if my hands were not completely dry).

                  (I happen to have a situation where I currently do not have to pay for my phones. If I was paying for it I would not have spent the money to upgrade from the 7+.)


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                    Now that’s a humblebrag!


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                      Same here - all shoved onto the right half of the screen. Started yesterday or the day before iirc.


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                        i was hoping to be able to wade in and say offensive things about apple products   , but FWIW i never look at this forum on my phone.

                        main reason is that i just look at twitter or email.

                        secondary reason is that as others have said it's clunky to navigate.

                        samsung galaxy s7, chrome browser.


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                          Same issues here. Samsung s8, chrome browser.