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    Well, one benefit of all this discussion about the PIMD addition to the WCI Network is it prompted me to peruse his website. In general, I think he broaches some interesting topics, but it seems to be high level overview stuff (e.g. move to the right side of the cashflow quadrant...)--actionable detail is lacking. Maybe the Forum can help?

    One example is the side income stream of expert testimony.  Specifically the mention of American Medical Experts. Has anybody signed up with these folks? If I send them my CV, what happens? (Do I get a case to review the next day...forty cases...a call five years from now?  Do I get added to the Medical Junk Mail Hall of Fame?)  Is it worthwhile to do specific training regarding testimony?  Any need for dedicated liability insurance?  Or need to do this via an LLC (I presume I wouldn't make enough to justify LLC for tax purposes)?