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What is the typical or market compensation for a physician administrator?

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  • FIREshrink
    The pcp vs specialist admin pay issue comes up here but it’s been this way for a long time so I guess we all accept it. We are fortunate to have lots of specialists engaged.

    I still can’t see a physician becoming a full time administrator for a pay cut. Why do docs do it?

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  • SValleyMD
    We (specialist) get $175/hour. Primary care gets the same. None of the specialists have stuck with it (myself included) whereas the primary care guys fight over jobs. This does create a pcp like mafia running the physician side.

    Inititally I felt like i couldn't walk away from going to a 7am meeting because I felt it would be like paying 175 bucks just to have a 5 min breakfast with the kids

    I quickly realized at the end of the month those dollars were not noticeable and the early, late and lunch meetings were no way worth it- esp since I hate RN administrator led meetings

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  • childay
    Same specialty, but am paid a flat stipend for medical directorship, which was negotiated initially.

    My spouse (a higher paid specialist) is paid $150 per hour for an ICU directorship.

    No clue about CMO etc.

    PM as needed

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  • Lithium
    I work in the same specialty, and my large organization is recruiting a 0.5 FTE director.  Salary is $260k, which is less than I make.  Hourly admin rate is about the same as yours.

    I think they're going to have a difficult time filling that position because the clinical half isn't very appealing.  But feel free to PM me if you want more info.

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  • What is the typical or market compensation for a physician administrator?

    Please describe the compensation and the role, as well as the size and scale of the organization, for any data/examples you can provide.

    Example: full time or half time community hospital CMO.

    Example: part time hospital service line leader.

    Example: System-wide medical group medical director.

    I am a 0.15 FTE medical director and paid $125 per hour for that work - that is the standard rate for all part time admin work. For my specialty it’s a bit of a pay cut but not huge. For other specialties it’s quite a bit less than they’d make doing clinical work. However, that rate seems like it would be too low to entice any physicians into full time administrative work.

    If there were an opportunity to take a 0.5 or greater FTE role at a system level (say as a system VP of something) in a multi-state health care system with 10 hospitals, what would a physician expect or need to make? Are benefits the same as physician benefits or are they better? Or worse?