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Nanny tax for multiple nannies

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  • Nanny tax for multiple nannies

    Anyone know the tax requirements for a second nanny?  We have a primary nanny that we pay tax for, as she earns well in excess of the reporting thresholds ($1k/quarter, $2k/annual).  We are looking to hire a second backup/date night nanny and she won't exceed the threshold for the quarter/year.  I am presuming that the tax requirements are per nanny, not in for the nannies in aggregate, but not sure...

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    You don't have to withhold or pay any federal taxes for your second nanny that earns less than $2,000/year.  You will however need to pay federal and state unemployment insurance taxes for the second nanny.  The Unemployment Insurance looks at how much you are paying domestic employees combined.