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    I love the site, but not the daily "new threads started yesterday" spam emails I randomly started receiving.  The unsubscribe instructions in the email (profile, subscription settings) do not exist on the page (I have no subscriptions).  I don't want to mark whitecoatinvestor emails as spam, because there are emails I want to receive.  How can the settings be changed?

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    I believe I figured it out, but is an issue that needs to be resolved on the site.  As far as I can tell, you can only access the subscription settings through the email link, but you have to be logged in with an open page first.  And if you leave that settings page, you can only get back to it using the email link, the option isn't shown in the standard profile menu.


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      Developer is on it. Hopefully the fix happens faster than the notifications system...which was one of the original requested features.
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