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Who would you like to hear as a guest on the podcast?

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  • Who would you like to hear as a guest on the podcast?

    Since I started the podcast I've had a few dozen people volunteer to be guests on it. Most of the time they're trying to promote something, which is fine, but since we don't do that many podcasts, we've put most of them off until we figure out what we want to do there. I thought I'd use this forum thread for forum users to be able to request people to be on the podcast and/or volunteer to be on it themselves.

    So, who would you like to have as a guest on the podcast?
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    Crixus  :lol:


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      i would love to hear more interviews w/ some of the most active people on the site e.g. vagabond, entdoc, dmfa etc.

      could almost do it like a proust questionairre of personal finance.

      • when did you start thinking about this?

      • what was the best financial choice you made?

      • what was the worst?

      • role of spouse if applicable?

      • biggest fight you ever had about money?


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        Crixus  ????
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        the "like" wasn't enough, this actually made me burst out loud sitting at my computer.


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          Crixius and CM


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            Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense) or Allan Roth (Dare to be Dull).


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              I'll leave it to the readership to decide if they want to hear me aggravate them via Podcast instead of just the forum and you to decide what I could actually add, but I volunteer to participate.

              I should admit that I have a list of 1000 podcasts to listen to and have not listened to any of yours, as I primarily devour material via reading.

              However here are some ideas:

              • Your daughter (one that wrote a column earlier, though certainly you may have other children who could participate)

              • Mr. Money Mustache

              • NYTimes personal finance columnists (there are a few)

              • EJ from DadsDollarsDebts

              • Someone from ACGME who has influence over education curriculum to discuss whether a few hours of finance training during residency as a "requirement" is a good/bad idea -- a pro/con debate (echoing what we see here)

              Crixus is definitely first choice.
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                Any of the other speakers at the upcoming Financial Literacy Conference would be good guests, also. Maybe the winner of the scholarship essay contest, too.


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                  I laughed about Crixus out loud.  I would suggest Physician On Fire.  No wait he did one.  I would like to hear Vagabond or Kamban.  The other top choice would DoctorMom.


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                    Zaphod would be good also.


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                      Ben Carlson is a great suggestion.  I also like the roundtable (so to speak) concept of some of the more active posters on the site asking them a variety of personal finance issue questions.



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                        Ben Carlson

                        Guy from Radical Personal Finance

                        Larry Swedroe

                        livesoft from


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                          Agree with the above. I would much rather hear from the contributors of the forum than most of the well known financial experts. The experts are also likely on numerous podcasts already.


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                            I concur that a podcast which features several of the active participants on this site would be good, perhaps especially members which do not have their own blog.  Vagabond and Hatton come to mind.  Their stories would be interesting as they are (supposedly) coming to the end of their accumulation of wealth phase.


                            If you ever want to do a show focusing on a dual-physician couple and the benefits/challenges of that, feel free to interview me and my wife


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                              I think you could have this roundtable concept with posters once a quarter and never run out of topics.  A different focus each time, such as:

                              • Your own personal financial experience, both good and bad decisions

                              • One with physicians who are nearing retirement

                              • Another with physicians just starting out

                              • One with just stories of what they have encountered with financial salespeople.  There have to be some wild stories out there.

                              • Tips for non-physicians as there are all kinds of professions represented on the forums.

                              Anything you have where it is physicians in the real world of personal finance would be of great interest to me.  As others have said, there are plenty of podcasts out there for those of us in the financial services industry.  There is only so much we can share.