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  • Bmac
    In general I think target date funds in tax deferred retirement accounts make sense for most people due to their simplicity (the funds, not the people 😂). But an ER of .71 is relatively high. It might not be offered with your specific plan, but my 403 b that had Fidelity as custodian had access to the Vanguard target date funds. These have ERs around 0.1 or less, I believe. So perhaps you can see if those funds are an option.

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  • Nebraska Walker
    I appreciate this article. Today I spoke with a Fidelity advisor to try to simplify my employer retirement accounts (plan is through Fidelity) as I have my money spread out amongst many mutual funds (as recommended by legacy advisor) . We have limited options in our plan and FSKAX is not available; he suggested 500 index fund.
    FSSNX, SPNX, FXNAX, & FSRNX are also not available. I'd have to open a brokerage account with Fidelity within my plan to move money into those funds. Fidelity recommends not to do that. (I didn't think to ask why)
    Fidelity advisor recommended putting everything in the Fidelity Freedom 2035 plan as that would be align with my full retirement age. The expense ratio for that fund is 0.71%. His argument was that the plan is designed to rebalance as time goes on. Which I expect most target funds do.
    I agree that method would simplify things but perhaps over simplify.
    I'm not sure I am up to managing a brokerage account, it sounds scary like I am taking more risk. . .

    Any thoughts about the Freedom 2035 fund? Thank you.

    Apparently the assets within the fund are proprietary ie. nondisclosed. Per the advisor. He did not tell me how fees for the 2035 fund compare compare with the other funds' fees.

    my style is to be engaged and buy and hold.
    I looked on the Facebook group for insight on the 2035 and I find it difficult to search the forum. Any references appreciated

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  • Discuss Latest WCI Blog Post: You Should Invest Like a 50-Year-Old Woman

    Hitting my 50s has made me a better professional, and I'm now confident with my finances. And I don't care what anybody thinks about it.

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