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    What do docs value in their work? To my observation:

    1st 10 years.........passion and interest in their field

    2nd 10 years........income

    3rd 10

    I trust you will be mostly satisfied with your choices.






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      Wow everyone, this was a really wonderful conversation. Thank you so much for your varied and thoughtful responses. It really does help to hear so many perspectives from people with more experience and wisdom about these things!

      Lots to think about but certainly less to worry about overall, it seems. I don't care that much about having tons of money and I think a lot of my feelings do come down to the basic covetousness/envy--when I don't necessarily even want the things other people have! That'll be an important insight to hold on to.

      Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions and criticisms!


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        If you love your job, most docs will envy you. Some of the highest paying specialties also have the lowest physician satisfaction scores on surveys. Follow what excites you and makes you happy. It wont seem like a job if you enjoy it and the money wont matter much.


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          And finally I am tired of all the BS advice of doing a job that makes you happy when you get up and keeps a smile on your face. Those are most likely said by people who already have the money in the bank. They may be envious of your lifestyle but if they were to be given a chance of switching to your $150K, no one will do it. Many will talk the talk, but not walk the walk.




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          For another perspective, I walk the walk . . . I've never made 150k (right now I make about half that, working 0.34 FTE) and I'm very happy. 3 years out of residency. My husband makes about double what yours does, we live in a MCOL area, only had 70k in student loans but had the first kid in med school (so we have childcare costs). I'm guessing you'll finish around age 28 or so, whereas I was 33. And I still say you should pick something you like because even with all that, we live a great life! And you will too. We are very much in a good place financially and if you keep doing what you're doing, you are not going to have to give up nearly as much as you think, to get the things you want. You're already on track with good habits-putting money into retirement and paying down loans. You won't be able to do or have everything at once, but if you sit down and figure out what is important to you, you will be able to have whatever you value most in your life. If I were in your shoes, I would strongly consider moving to the midwest or down south for 5 years so that you could keep living on your current salary (and living well in those areas) and save whatever extra you make once you are an attending. Then move back to that HCOL area near family in whatever job suits you the best.

          For what it's worth, comparing yourself to those around you is a recipe for lifelong unhappiness. I'd start working now to get out of that mindset as that will bring more grief into your life than any low-ish paying job ever could.


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            the only concerning part was that coming on this forum gives you anxiety.  i would hope it would give you confidence in that you are preparing yourself well for the future.

            let me assure you that the hard habits to learn are saving habits, which you already are on top of.  as long as you are savers by nature, you will be fine.  my wife and i had lots of educational debt and were paying it down while we were residents.  no one helped us.  we didn't have wci to guide us.

            if by some circumstance, you want to make more someday, you can certainly change jobs and make much much more within pediatrics.

            as Donny pointed out, there are a lot of things outside your control right now.  don't worry about those.  enjoy the moments you can right now.  you have already planned the parts you can plan.  finish training.  learn as much as you can.  don't feel overwhelmed.

            generally, i hate to disagree with vagabond, because it almost always means i'm wrong.  but i'm going to disagree slightly and say i don't think you are conflicted as much as stressed.  i don't think you need to rethink your choices but remind yourself that you can occasionally wonder what if, but owner of material stuff isn't a primary focus.   you can at least be confident that most of the posters on the board think there are many ways for you to be just fine financially.

            i can't remember what it was like to be as young as you, but i do remember being worried about the finances.  i wish someone had been around to calm my crazy ****************** down and tell me it would be ok.  

            best wishes.

            enjoy your youth.



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              It may be an ongoing battle, but mindfulness and a strong sense of gratitude can significantly help to moderate covetousness.
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