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  • Originally posted by pierre View Post

    Can you name a specific thing he recommended they is directly killing people? I’d wager most if not all things he recommended came with a disclaimer to consult your physician and to use X in conjunction with, rather than in place of, standard of care. Can you blame it all on him if people listen to part of his advice and none their own doctor’s advice?

    I also bet he believes in the things he recommends. I don’t think he’s recommending anything with malice.
    Here is an example. I don't think there's any question that many women are not getting mamms due to fear of thyroid cancer from the radiation. How many will die as a result?

    I posted this under the article:

    I agree that Dr. Oz is not worthy of adulation on the WCI site.
    I was very put off by him when he said on his show that mammography was increasing the incidence of thyroid cancer in women and was telling women to ask for a thyroid shield when they get a mamm. He had no data to support his contention, which was pointed out by radiology experts, but he stuck with his disinformation.
    This resulted in multiple women requesting shields which would sometimes result in bad images which then needed to be redone.
    It was pointed out to Oz that the direction of the radiation beam was down into the breast which resulted in very minimal scatter to the thyroid equivalent to about 30 minutes of background radiation to the thyroid that we all get everyday.
    Who knows how many women stopped getting mammograms due to their unjustified fear of getting thyroid cancer as a result.
    This guy is a huckster and fraud and should not in anyway be lauded.