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  • Discuss Latest POF Blog Post: Post FI Notes 016: In Control of Your Time and Your Wealth

    One of the big keys to financial independence is the control you regain over your own life and affairs. No ... Read more

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    Great article. Enjoyed hearing his thoughts on the process. The "boring" way to FI works. The challenge remains in the decision on how to focus your time post-FI.


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      I'm recognizing that the phrase "Save and invest first, then live on the rest," is a common theme among people who have reached FI. Neat to see how a relatively simple key principle can have a significant effect.

      Also, I found the title interesting. "In control of your time and your wealth" seems like a perfect summary of a goal of FI: a life that affords great freedom of choice. Switch the wording to "In control of your goals and finances" and I think that describes the mindset needed to achieve FI.


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        Great article. Dovetails into the question I posed in other thread.....have to 'retire' into something to fill the hours.

        ​​​​​​ FI for most of us will happen in the fourties and the prospect of RE is not appealing for many. That leaves transitioning to something else
        the entrepreneur type won't have an issue, like this op. Business minded, sbo. Transition to business career of landlord. This is often many docs for as many in pp.

        As W2 workers increase, there's a different challenge as many don't have that business minded type.

        Nature heavy rec types probably won't have an issue.
        Travel lovers may need to budget more carefully

        Family oriented relatively easy with picking up grandparent duties once hitting 60s.

        How about the rest? Many don't fit into the above and see challenges in finding the hours to fulfill their post nonclinical days once stepping back.

        Looking forward to my own path as I start this journey myself in stepping back. Very nice read .