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    I've been entertaining the idea of creating a patient focused GI blog. I know there are plenty of resources on WCI for getting started in the blog world, and a big step is ensuring your blog has a niche but that its not too off the deep end. Is anyone familiar with any patient focused GI blogs created by physicians. The idea would be for this patient educational info about common GI disorders, and a review of GI medical news in lamen terms for patients. Would focus mostly on IBS type issues since thats where the greatest numbers would be.

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    Perhaps you could branch our on your own, or try writing for something like - scroll down to "write for us". A site like that has some perks, etc.


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      What's your goal with the blog? Opinion/information/monetization? Tough to compete with the big boys (webMD, medscape, mayoclinic). Check their google ranking/authority ranking. Real high and nigh impossible to beat at this time.

      For fun? go for it.


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        I suggest you do a few google searches. Here is one: 39.2355.0j14j2.16.0....0...1.1.64.psy-ab..4.6.843...0i7i30k1.Zyo7JKkXrBY

        Looks like there are a few blogs out there, but that shouldn't deter you if it is something you'll enjoy.
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          Thanks I'll look into that.


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            Most of those seem patient driven, society driven, or practice driven, ones written by a cardiologist (smh). So perhaps there is a niche for this. We shall see.


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              You might want to check out Hormones Demystified, kind of similar to what you are talking about, I believe, but for endocrinology.
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                Begin with the end in mind. If you want it to be a professional blog/generate income/refer people to your practice, design it that way from the beginning and define when you are going to bail if it isn't making money. If not, then keep your costs and commitments low and realize there is a very good chance you'll quit within just a few years and maybe even months.
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