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life insurance and riders

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  • life insurance and riders

    is it worth taking a disability rider with the term life insurance policy? worth paying extra for the disability rider?

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    Probably depends on the cost and how robust your current disability coverage is. You may be able to get own occupation disability coverage, but I would guess that the general disability rider on your life insurance policy would be harder to qualify for benefits.


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      If you already have an individual disability policy be sure to check if there is an offset for another policy such as this rider that pays you for the same disability. If so, don’t buy the rider.


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        I would not necessarily buy it because it is included as an add on. Figure how much the life insurance policy will cost/ If it is necessary to increase your disability payments to cover this amount, you may be better off taking a larger primary disability policy to pay for the additional life insurance premiums if disabled.


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          I think the real question is how much term life and how much LTDI insurance you need.
          Reminds me of impulse shopping. If you need more, why haven’t you shopped before?