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  • Goodday everyone!



    I have been browsing the forum for a while but haven't had the courage to register and post. I am an 18 year old student in a language-focused high school. My terminology might be a little bit off as I am from Europe where many US principles don't apply. I will be attending a Faculty of Maritime Studies as a boat engineer. I wish to learn a lot (more) about investing because I wish to build a foundation for the next generations coming from a family that has very little. I hope to find a great community and mutual help between me and all of you


    First question I have for anyone who could point me in the right direction is if there are any posts or blogs about the very start, and I mean from scratch on investing, especially for students or very low paid workers? Perhaps something international? Less NA focused.


    Thank you all in advance and I hope to be of help someday.



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    There are plenty of blog sites out there for beginners, just do a quick internet search and you'll find plenty.  I would check a few out and see which ones match your reading/learning style and are written at a level you're comfortable at.  You should probably only pick a few at this point as more information is not necessarily better when you're just learning.

    Good luck!


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      We certainly cater to beginners, and you're welcome to stick around, but the main focus of this site is on high earners.
      Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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        Understandable, and thank you both for your answers, well I figure its best to learn from high earners.


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          Bogleheads wiki is a good resource as well as info on this site.

          The best investment advice I can give an 18 year old is to (i) spend less than you make and to keep spending flat as you make more money and (ii) simplify your portfolio by using the Boglehead three fund portfolio.

          I have tons of different investments spread in a myriad of accounts because I was lazy and didn't focus on a long term investment strategy early on.  Stick with three funds.  Simplicity and autopilot are your friends when it comes to investing.


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            The best investing advice I can give to an 18 year old is to invest in yourself. Step one in getting rich is making a lot of money. Step two is not spending it. Step 3 is investing wisely. You're a little ahead of yourself. What do you plan to do with your life to make money? A boat engineer? What do boat engineers make? How do some make more than others? What can you do on the side to make money? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself, not "which mutual fund should I invest my $150 in?"
            Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011


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              I have all of those things figured out, if you are actually interested and those weren't retorical questions I can share my knowledge with you.


              I understand what my main source of income will be through the years and I am a little ahead of myself because I wish to learn in my free time, school is not here yet so I spend my days planning the future and asking around.


              Again thank you all for your helpful comments.


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                You asked for investing advice for students or "very low paid workers" on a forum for high earners.  My strongest recommendation would be that you should try to avoid being a very low paid worker in the first place.

                If by age 18 you've figured out what the average compensation is in your chosen profession, how to make more than average in that profession, and how to make good money in a side business, then you're far ahead of most people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

                Please do let us know what knowledge and wisdom you've acquired in your first 18 years.


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                  I asked that way because students are very low paid workers where I come from, I understand I might have missed the forum by a longshot but it will workout, hopefully.

                  It is very hard to make good money doing regular jobs as a student, most are minimum wage long hour jobs, yesterday was my last day on one of those.

                  And ofcourse I will avoid being a low paid worker but at the moment, while in school, a regular job for me is a low paying job, I am thinking of ways to get in some extra money doing something online, or perhaps doing sidejobs with my uncle. With that in mind I understand my 100$ aren't much but I believe it is better to burn yourself for 100$ than a 1000$ or 10,000$ hence why I want to start early.


                  I am also not sure if the last sentence of your post was to make fun of me or actually asking.