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  • PP vs organisation

    Relatively new grad, never worked in PP.

    Looking for options out there

    what are red herrings in a PP that should tell me it's not fair ?

    Initially they all sound good

    Thank you all

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    Biggest thing is not knowing how much the partners make/how they're compensated or no consistent timeline to partner.  If everyone says it's 2 years to make partner and they have a couple of new partners, then it sounds democratic.  If they give you a roundabout answer when you ask and you're really not sure who is partner, then you'll be employed for as long as they can afford to pay you less.  You want to avoid practices where the senior partners take advantage of the younger ones (both in workload and compensation).


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      So when interviewing what are the key  things that I should look in PP


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        Initially they all sound good
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        Why do they all sound good?

        What else are you considering? Academic? Research? industry? A salaried position?

        Can you become a partner? Do you want to? Can you just earn a cool salary (and productivity?) bonus for years on end? Whats the total package (salary, helathcare, bonus, bonus, car, perks, perks, perks, etc).

        Type of medicine and type of patients can also come in to play here. Do you care which type of patients? Where can you work? (aka, downtown in a city or suburbia?). Do you have a preference?


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          all of the posts say you should find the right culture at your next job.

          unfortunately you may be in a geographic area that is limited.

          every job is a leap of faith at some point since everyone puts on their best face during interviews.

          your best bet, imo, is if you have a friend who knows you well in a stable practice that you can join.

          problem is, even then, they may have different satisfiers than you.



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            You want a practice that will tell you what the requirements are to become a partner.  How long and how much.  You need to know exactly how bonuses are calculated.  If a practice will not give you this info something may be wrong.  Of course depending on speciality you need to understand about the call schedule and vacation time.  Ideally looking at the books, talking to other docs and employees is good.  If you can find out why other docs left could be eye opening.