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Question about job opportunity

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  • VagabondMD
    You are not crazy, and these larger companies are very much in vogue. I can only speak from the perspective of a radiologist who almost folded his practice into one of these large groups. You will give up a lot of your freedom and cap your upside by joining such a group. It might give you a greater job security, it might not-- this really depends on the nature of your current practice and the track record of the anesthesiology company.

    A doc should always be probing the market and seeing what's out there and networking with local and distant colleagues and friends. Physician practices and jobs that are long tenured and appear 100% safe can go away in a heartbeat.

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  • John
    started a topic Question about job opportunity

    Question about job opportunity

    I am an anesthesiologist and I have recently been offered a job in a very desirable city from an upstart anesthesia company. They got the contract for this hospital about 18 months ago. I would be an employee of the company and receive w2 income. Q3 call with every 4th week off. Little trauma but larger cases than I am doing now. Will be doing hearts and thoracic cases too. Currently I am working for a small group and will be partner this January. Income and benefits about the same. 7 weeks vacation. Very cush and low stress job. Very stable as far as anesthesia goes. My group has been there for over 30 years. The advantage of the new job is more time off, public schools, and a better town. Am I crazy for even considering working for one of these anesthesia companies?